Adorned Nest


Skull & Crown Trading Co.

One of Honolulu's newest bar & restaurants located in the heart of Hawaii's Chinatown. What sets this place apart is the experience and atmosphere of the old 1920's Hawaii Tiki Bar with a twist. Objective of the commission piece is to illustrate the selected items the Trader collected. The items are found around the establishment. Also the items in particular are a part of Hawaii's history like the door, clock, and tiki.

Kimo Heritage

Derived from U.S.A. Navy roots clothing brand. Owners are currently serving in the military and currently creating for U.S. Navy Chiefs. This is where the true purpose of this Aloha Shirt print came about. Highlighting each rank by the anchors illustrated around Hawaii's state flower, the Hibiscus.

Hawaii Ocean Club Realty

A growing realty company that not only helps you find your perfect home, but specializes in vacation rentals. You can find the properities across the island of Oahu from Ko'olina to Waikiki. Variety of merchandise created for their company expansion. Illustrated here is a collaborative family effort with a whale pencil drawing and graphics in the mix of island elements.

Calligraphy Illustration + Art Print

My most favorite kind of commissions to work on are those to be gifted and bring hope. Client requested a specific scripture (Jeremiah 29:11) to be illustrated with person's favorite flowers with color scheme of blues and purples.

Wedding Invitation Suite

Designed a wedding suite for a very special couple in my family. They both are vibrant, loving, creative, and are adventurous with outdoor activities like hiking Hawaii's major trails. They requested a variety of succulents and tropical leaves to reflect the wedding theme. I watercolor painted each plant element: ferns, succulents, monstera leaves, and hina hina (spanish moss aka Pele's hair). Also customized calligraphy of their names, rsvp, and designed the main invitation & rsvp postcards. I also provide the print ready files for clients to take to the print company of their choice.

Personal Project

This series has retired on my online shop as art prints. What was instilled in my heart to create were words of wisdom whether it came straight from the source: bible or by song. I have come to realize that gifts, talents, ideas, and creation is picked specially for certain individuals to create and share. It is in this way choosen for me to share truth and love through works of art. As simple as they may be, wisdom and choice of our words/action hold the power to inspire or tear down. We have the responsibility to choose wisely - not just for ourselves but to lead by example for the younger generation. It is not to be taken lightly that children are sponges and soak in what we do. It is up to us to guide, teach, and help build their character into one that will make this world changed for the good. This is not the last of this type of personal project. Until then, right words will spark for me to illustrate and offer for people to have in their home or to be gifted.

Menu Design

Burger Shack is a restaurant along the beach front at Ritz Carlton Kapalua that serves their signature burgers, shakes, cocktails, and other beverages. They requested to reflect their current menu. I took liberty of illustrating my own elements and hand writing each drink and burger items.